Primal Screen Glassware

Primal Screen Glassware

Self-Promo Gift for Clients

Every year we hand-craft and create a one of a kind gift for all of our clients and friends. 2012 was the year for glassware. Designed for kids to drink milk and dip cookies, for adults to sip on some whiskey, or even to gulp down some good ol' fashioned water! Conceived on the idea of adventure and exploration, each glass depicts a different animal character exploring his vast and cool world. Created at Primal Screen 2012.


Creative Director: Doug Grimmett 
Designers: Lauren Fundora and Ciara Cordasco 
Illustrator: Lauren Fundora 
Screen Printers: Jason Kofke and Ciara Cordasco 
Glass Printer: Jim Roman
Producer: Laura Green






My Roles

Concept Development, Illustration, Design, Bezier Master and Dotted Line Wrestler