Primal Screen Chock-a-Blocks

Primal Screen Chock-a-Blocks

Self-Promo Gift for Clients

Every year we hand-craft and create a one of a kind gift for all of our clients and friends. 2013 was the year for wood blocks. Designed for kids and adults alike to play with and assemble. It was a huge undertaking! Under the direction of our fearless leader Doug, I art directed a great team and we worked feverishly into the night to manifest the characters and design you see above. Big props to our intern Matt for heading up the printing process and making our characters come to life on wood! I also made a short documentary about the process with our Creative Director Rob Shepps. Created at Primal Screen 2013.


Creative Director: Doug Grimmett

Art Director: Lauren Fundora

Designers: Lauren Fundora, Kaitlyn O'Connor and Matt Rhinehart

Illustrators: Lauren Fundora and Kaitlyn O’Connor

Screen Printers: Matt Rhinehart, Alison Grimmett, Doug Grimmett, and Andrew Grimmett

Interns: Alison Batignani

Producer: Laura Green 

Blokumentary Credits:

DPs: Rob Shepps & Lauren Fundora

Editor: Rob Shepps

Music: Growing Up by Lullatone


My Roles

Art Direction, Design, Illustration, DP