Bubble Guppies Pencil Case

Music Video Promo for Nickelodeon

We tapped into our ga-ga to craft this glittery, neon music video that would make J.J Abrams proud. Nickelodeon asked us to collaborate with them to help promote the Back-to-School season with the Bubble Guppies. Created at Primal Screen 2013.

*Oh and here is a link to our sweet quickie feature on Motionographer. Thanks to Dominique Elliot for that one! 


Design Director: Lauren Fundora 
3D Animation Director: Shane McGee 
Cinema 4d Animators: Lauren Fundora, Dakota Hopkins 
Cinema 4d Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: Lauren Fundora, Dakota Hopkins 
Maya Animators: Shane McGee, Fumi Yozawa, Rob "Vegas" Shetler, Jonathan Brown, Leonard Nicholas 
Maya Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: Shane McGee, Fumi Yozawa, Patrice Needham 
Compositors: Lauren Fundora, Shane McGee, Dakota Hopkins 
Executive Producer: Hunter Matheson 
Producer: Laura Green










My Roles

Designer, Design Direction, 3D Prop Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Texturing and Rendering, Compositing, Colorist and Lens Flare Expert