PBS Kids 2013 Reface

PBS Kids 2013 Reface

Network Brand Package

This reface makes me nostalgic for the early days of PBS kids...flat, minimal and just the right amount of fun and silly adventure! We went through a huge pitch and exploration phase where I was able to develop concepts and character designs, pitch new color palettes and create new worlds. My role after the initial design process, was to help define the design and illustration style for some of the end pages and backgrounds. To see the whole reface and the kick-ass animation we did, go to Primal Screen.


Donald Emerson: Creative Director
Jeremy Seymour: Art Director
Lauren Fundora: Designer/Illustrator
Ciara Cordasco: Designer
Allison Grimmett: Designer/Illustrator
Nurullah Keli: Illustration Assistant
Brenda Weede: Animator/Storyboards
Joe Kubesheski: Animator
Dianna Bedell: Animator
Jenna Zona: Animation Assistant
Jonathan Floyd: Animator
Ralph Sevelius: Animator
Brandon Bentley: Technical Director
Teresa Cloud: Project Manager
Doug Grimmett: Chief Creative Officer
Hunter Matheson: Executive Producer
Laura Green: Producer





My Roles

Designer, Concept Development, Background Illustrator, Shape Minimizer, Line Wrestler