Mad Men Final Season Promo

AMC Animated Promo Spot

I had a blast generating concepts and design early on for Mad Men's final season, the looks referenced some of our favorite late 60s to early 70s artists and designers: Peter MaxBonnie McLean,Heinz EdelmannAndy Warhol and countless others. From the looks we pitched, AMC was captured by the frame of a silhouetted figure standing before an open door. From the door exploded multi-colored shapes that could have flowed right out of Milton Glaser's portrait of Dylan. In the end, AMC wanted us to expand the look and bring to life a Glaser original. It was pretty darn freaking cool.


Creative Director: Rick Newcomb

Pitch Designer & Storyboard: Lauren Fundora

Animator: Joanna Davidovich, Fumi Yozawa, Rob Shepps, Vegas Shetler, Kevin Ridgway, Jonathan Brown, Joe Kubesheski
Matt Rinehart

Producer: Ashley Davis

Executive Producer: Hunter Matheson

Footage Clean-up & Keying: Teresa Cloud

Music Edit: Steve Mank




My Roles

Concepts & Writing, Design, Illustration & Storyboard